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Helping you attract and retain great

employees in a stable and tax-efficient way.

How do we stand out?


Unique plans built, designed, and priced by us

We have taken the best aspects of several different insurance carriers, and repackaged their benefits in unique, flexible ways. We never just re-market someone else’s off-the-shelf program.

Fully-pooled claims and flexible benefits available

Fully-pooled claims gives you protection against painful renewals. If your benefits are not pooled, next year’s renewal will be based on this year’s claims. If one of your employees used a lot of benefits, it can hurt everyone upon renewal. With pooled claims, you and your employees can use your benefits without it directly affecting next year’s price. You get discounts for being in the group, and average claims with many other members. This brings peace of mind and stability to your budget.

Flexible benefit options are great when individuals in your company have different benefit needs. Someone may want child orthodontics, while another wants better drug coverage. Each person can have a different plan tailored to their needs!


No minimum size and no family content rules

We can provide group coverage to even one person, and then pool them with many other members to prevent volatile premium increases.


Cost-plus programs

Cost-plus programs are part or every program and add flexibility to the practitioner portion of the benefits program. It gives you money to spend on anything health related, even if it wouldn’t normally be covered under the regular plan. It also can allow you to spend more money on one practitioner than another.

Vision, orthodontic, and disability benefits available regardless of firm size

We can provide premium-level coverage options regardless of how many employees you have. This allows you to participate in great benefits, even if you are not a huge company.

Association program access

We give you access to an association for discounts, other services, and pooled claims.

Non-predatory pricing

We do not try to win you over with unrealistically low fees and then increase the price substantially on renewal to reflect usage. Our prices are accurate and stable, and can be counted on to be fair.

have you recently had a painful benefits renewal?

We have never increased premiums by more than 9% at renewal.

have you been told your company is too small to have options?

We have great benefits options for even solopreneurs.

have you questioned the value of your current plan?

This is something that should be regularly assessed. Let me buy you coffee!

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As licensed insurance advisors, we know the value of good advice.

We are a local full-service advisory firm specializing in Group Benefits, and offering Life Insurance, Disability, Critical Illness, and Health Spending Accounts.

Benefits you can be proud to offer your employees without having to worry about an unpleasant renewal.

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