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What Would Happen if You Were Diagnosed With a Critical Illness?

If you or a loved one were diagnosed with a life threatening illness, how would you manage your mortgage/rent payment, groceries, and other day to day expenses? Could you pay your bills? Critical Illness Protector provides a cash benefit that is paid to you directly to use as you see fit, helping to cover your expenses in the event you are diagnosed with a range of critical illnesses.

It’s your money to use as you see fit. 

  • Rent/Mortgage payments and other bills
  • Treatments outside Canada if you choose
  • A vacation while recovering

The cash is yours, you can determine how to use it.





Check the facts:



  • 51% of Canadian Men develop Cancer
  • 49% of Canadian Women develop Cancer

heart attack

  • There are approx. 70,000 heart attacks/ year, 1 every 7 minutes
  • There are approx. 40,000 cardiac arrests/ year, 1 every 12 minutes


  • Approx. 50,000 new strokes are reported annually in Canada

RETURn of premium

Return of premium in the event of death other than for covered loss.


choose your benefit

You decide what benefit you want to receive to ensure you’re coverage is customized to your needs.


choose your coverage

Protect yourself against several, or all, of the covered conditions.

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“The team at Sterling helped me protect myself and my family should I receive a critical illness diagnosis. It’s hard to think of preparing for something like that but I feel better knowing myself and my family are protected for whatever comes our way.”

Jerry C.


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“I never considered that WCB didn’t cover me for accidents outside of work. Now I can enjoy the activities I love with peace of mind.”

Dylan R.


“Ralph at Sterling Benefits was able to put together a package that protected me and my family from unexpected costs should one of us have an accident. I can’t thank him enough for making sense of all my options and providing great advice.”

Hailey M.


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